XIAMEN DONGWEITING ELECTRICAL ENGINGEERING INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Is located in the beautiful city of xiamen, is Taiwan T.W.T east Hui court motor brand production base in China, Taiwan east Hui court motor industrial co., LTD., in 1987, mainly produces brand T.W.T geared motor, no period of variable speed machine, speed regulating motor, parking equipment dedicated motor, planetary reducer, etc. Its products across countries, the product passed the ISO, 3 c, CE certification.

Products with low noise, high torque, small volume, light weight, long life, maintenance-free, etc. Customer base covers electronics, medical equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturing.

Agent products: Taiwan datong motor series products, Ed, inverter, KMC laurel au industrial chain, d good Jin Ju pump for oil lubrication system, low-voltage electrical appliances, industrial control products.

Industry is towards automation, mechanization ShengLiHua, more we pursue the goal of industrial upgrading, exquisite thin and strong of mechanical with motor and diversification is T.W.T pursue goal, manufacturing high efficiency, low noise, long life, for the features of our products. After 20 years of struggle, the east Hui division already has a scale.

We have produce a point: Taiwan east Hui court motor industrial co., LTD.,

XIAMEN DONGWEITING ELECTRICAL ENGINGEERING INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD,Several locations: Shanghai branch, Beijing branch, humen branch, the office of shantou, guangzhou office, the office of shenzhen office, the office of Qingdao, tianjin, hangzhou office, deep outlets shop, xiamen branch outlets shop, quanzhou outlets shop, suzhou, jiangyan office, office of zhongshan, foshan office, chengdu office